Fiona Bodle

Success Essex Board Member | Anglia Ruskin University

Fiona Bodle, Assistant Director, Strategic Innovation, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

Partnership working has been at the heart of my career to date.  I enjoy creating and maintaining partnerships across a range of organisations and sectors, and engaging with Government innovation and growth agendas.  I have worked with a range of public/private partnership boards and local Government committees throughout my career.  My most recent experience of partnership working is from within the Higher Education sector. 


I have held a number of positions in local Government at both district and county level, and have worked closely with Members to provide professional support to deliver Council economic development priorities.  I have also worked closely with Local Economic Partnerships helping to frame strategic economic plan priorities for prioritisation and LEP investment.


I have a passion for innovation and sector development and feel really excited about the opportunities to support new technology clusters, building links between ARU’s researchers and local business research and development teams.  Developing a strong open innovation culture and supportive innovation eco-system presents a real opportunity to engage companies large and small to develop, adopt and commercialise new ideas needed for sustainable growth in Essex.


I’m currently heading up a team at ARU to support the delivery of our strategic innovation ambitions; including the delivery of innovation centre facilities and support to SME businesses, innovation and sector development and creating partnerships with local stakeholders to deliver innovative multi-disciplinary/multi-sector responses to societal challenges, including future health and care, sustainability of the natural and built environment and resilient communities.  I’m looking forward to working with partners on the Success Essex Board delivering new innovation facilities, securing innovation project investments and supporting the role that ARU can play as an Anchor Institution enabling inclusive growth. 

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