A Thriving Essex Economy

Thriving Essex Presentation

As you will be aware the Employment and Skills Board and the Essex Business Board are coming together to form a new stronger federated board.  As such, one of its aims is to develop practical solutions that will create a thriving Essex economy.

 Last month we held a business workshop. The event was hosted by Stansted Airport at Down Hall Hotel, the workshop was an opportunity to start discussions on the ways we can help support businesses with the issues they face particularly around skills and recruitment in Essex.

The breakfast workshop included presentations from speakers on a range of topics. This included Stansted who discussed the future of the company and the success of Stansted Airport College which has helped them secure skilled and trained staff. Bosch discussed technology and the future of smart homes, whilst Konica Minolta spoke about the challenges facing their business; the need to embrace technology and the difficulties they face in embedding this change within the organisation. These were followed by presentations by the SELEP and Grant Thornton exploring the Essex economy. All of these presentations are available to download.

The event concluded with table discussions regarding Skills, infrastructure, technology, health and wellbeing and research and development. Some interesting points were raised in these discussions which we are now using to create a strategy and establish some key projects for the board to move forward with. 

If you were unable to attend the event, please contact us if you would like further information and register your interest by filling out this form. The 3 main ways to get involved are outlined below.

The Federated Board:

  • These public and private sector boards provide a strong Essex business voice to influence the work of the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP). Businesses in these boards play a key role in developing and promoting the growth of the Essex economy.
  • Business members can influence funding decisions across Essex focused on skills, technology and infrastructure, and will influence the work of the thematic working groups.
  • The Federated Board will facilitate collaborative working between the public, private and education sector.
  • The remit for the Board will incorporate all aspects of Economic Growth and will include skills.
  • Board Members will be required to meet on a quarterly basis.

For more information on the Federal Model and the role of the Federated Board Click Here  

The ask: To express an interest in being part of the Federated Board.  Following an expression of interest, you will be contacted regarding the next steps.           

Thematic Working Groups:

  • These groups will play a key role in informing and delivering on key themes that arise from the Essex federated boards. Themes have yet to be decided but are likely to include activity focused on important economic topics such as infrastructure, technology, wellbeing, skills and innovation.
  • These groups will facilitate collaboration between the public, private and education sectors to address Essex specific challenges and opportunities.
  • The groups will play an instrumental role in driving forward projects, identifying funding opportunities and identifying solutions to issues and opportunities.
  • Members of thematic working groups will meet as necessary and agreed by the group.
  • These groups will work in a similar way to the Sector Action Groups previously established by the Essex Employment and Skills Board; and will be closely aligned to the Federated board and the Skills Advisory Panel

The ask: In the first instance we are asking individuals to register an interest in being part of the thematic working groups. As the different groups emerge, individuals who have expressed an interest will be contacted and offered the opportunity to get involved, dependant on their interest in the identified theme.

Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs):  

  • The Skills Advisory Panel will form part of the SELEP structure and will influence decision making and funding across Essex, Thurrock, Southend-On-Sea, Kent and East Sussex.
  • It aims to bring together local employers and skills providers to pool knowledge on skills and labour market needs, and to work together to understand and address key local challenges.
  • This includes both immediate needs and challenges and looking at what is required to help local areas adapt to future labour market changes and to grasp future opportunities.
  • The advisory panel will help colleges, universities and other providers deliver the skills required by employers, now and in the future.

For more information on the Skills Advisory Panels Click Here