Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge

Bloodhound Rocket Car Competition Winners

A fantastic event held at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) took place on Wednesday 12th July which saw year 8 students competing their rocket powered cars in a race to prove which team had the best engineers.

With support from local industry, the Essex-based schools constructed a miniature car, considering factors such as downforce and weight and to accommodate the rocket which would propel it.

Great Baddow High School had a great result on the day, with their teams winning all three places, with their top speed at over 120mph and all rockets breaking 100mph.

Student Rocket

After the races were over, a postgraduate from the Engineering department at ARU gave a talk about his experience as a student at the University and highlighted the importance of the skills they can gain there for the advanced manufacturing & engineering sector. Julian Hasinski, Technical Director at Raytheon UK, also gave attendance to the event and spoke about how he turned his passion of engineering into a life-long career.

We would like to thank members at ARU, Bloodhound, and of course Mr. Hasinski from Raytheon for helping to create such a memorable event.