Employers Encourage a Learning Environment


There are often discussions about the future of a company usually concerning expansion, diversifying, safeguarding the companies position in the future, and introducing technology to improve efficiencies. One of the key points within these discussions is how to deliver these plans with the current staff structure in place and whether there is a need to employ new skilled staff. If skilled staff are required to deliver plans this is often sought externally rather than looked for internally. 

But why don't companies look internally? You may not have the trained staff readily available, however you have an existing workforce who understand how the company functions, who may already work well together and understand the company culture. All they need is training to learn the necessary skills to fulfil the companies plan - So train them! The benefits from upskilling your employees include saving time and money trying to recruit and train new staff to become a cohesive member of the team, improved employee engagement, stronger loyalty and delivery of your companies plans. 

This is a worthwhile investment, speak to local colleges to see what professional programmes they offer. There are often more schemes for professionals than you think for example digital skills training from ACL.

Take advantage of apprenticeship standards, these can be used to upskill existing staff not just new employees and remember if you are a levy payer if you don’t use it you lose it! There are a variety of apprenticeships offered now at different levels, there will be one to suit your companies needs. Why not consider a cyber security apprenticeship, safeguarding company data is important for any company and is an ever going growing concern. 

From the 13th - 19th May its national learning at work week, why not use this time to think about how your staff can learn at work get involved.