Health and Care Industry Week

Health and Social Care Industry Week

From the 5th – 9th February, the ESB worked with Essex County Council (ECC) and Chelmsford College to deliver a whole week full of events and activities to inspire young students to have a career in the health and social care sectors. Hosted at Chelmsford College, the week was split into four days where local companies and institutions came in to share insights and hold interactive events around the sector.

On Monday 5th February, the college held its Careers Evening where parents and children attended to look at the options available to them when they leave school. Information and literature about the different pathways and job roles within the health and social care industry was displayed around the college and the students learn about the different salaries they could expect to earn – from their first steps, to their dream job.

On Tuesday 6th February, there were two separate groups consisting of Chelmsford College Health and Social Care students which rotated around the different activities at the college.

The Quality Innovation Team at ECC brought in Gert suits (age-simulation) for the students. Interactive session with the students experiencing what it is like to grow old. The suit impairs their vision in different ways, and the suit limits their walking movement, adding pressure on specific areas of the body and affects the body as if you were an elderly person.

Student Paramedics for the London Ambulance Service also attended on behalf of Anglia Ruskin University, who spoke about life as a student paramedic, their experiences at university and what the course entails. They also demonstrated equipment they use as part of their practical work and shared experiences of their job.

Following this, on the Wednesday 7th February, PARC Essex (Play and Resource Centre) came in and explained what PARC do as a charity and the work that they have done over 20 years of activity. The group shared truly inspirational experiences and videos and also talked through their own journeys and about the different opportunities at PARC.

Student paramedics from Anglia Ruskin University returned to share more of their experiences for a new group of students and demonstrated the equipment they use on the job.

On our final day, Friday 9th February, The student paramedics shared stories, memories and experiences for the last time and did an excellent job engaging, enthusing and inspiring all that they spoke to throughout the week.

Split in two, rotational groups, the first group spoke with the London paramedics whilst the other group worked with East Anglia Ambulances to learn how to perform CPR on children and the correct techniques and practices – gaining a lot of insight in the type of work they too could do one day. As well as this, the paramedics discussed life on East Anglia Ambulances and the kinds of situations that they would expect to encounter on a typical day.

On the final day of our week-long Health and Social Care industry week, we were joined by Occupational Health from ECC. They gave a really inspirational and informative talk on what Occupational Therapists do and the aim of their roles, including all the different areas they cover. They also explained the opportunities they have and about typical days in their job roles.

Throughout the week, the students had a really positive and informative insight into these important industries and so we would like to thank: Chelmsford College for working with us, the local industry representatives who shared their time and knowledge and all the students who attended our sessions to learn more about their future career options.