North Essex Energy

North Essex Energy

The North Essex Energy Group has commissioned Nautilus Associates Ltd to produce an energy market study to identify new projects in North Essex.

North Essex plays an important role in supporting the UKs energy provision especially as the industry adapts to meet clean energy production demands through offshore renewables, gas and new nuclear.

The North Essex Energy Group (NEEG) was established in 2018. Public and private sector work together to unlock energy and low carbon growth. Members of the group include Colchester Borough and Braintree, Maldon, and Tendring District Councils, Essex County Council as well as the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, Colchester Institute, University of Essex, Haven Gateway Partnership, Harwich International Port, and the Greater South East Local Energy Hub.

The Future

Forecasts from Nautilus suggest £10.8 billion of new capital investment is planned in major energy infastructure projects before 2025, this will increase to up to £59 billion by 2040 with more than half invested in offshore wind projects off the east coast. Over the next 10 years there are huge opportunities across North Essex including: 

  • Construction of Sizewell C, a 3.2 GW nuclear power station, and Bradwell B, a 1 GW nuclear power station, with a combined capex estimated at £17 billion.
  • New investment in over 5GW of offshore wind farms in the Southern North Sea.
  • Decommissioning of end-of-life oil and gas production infrastructure.
  • Piloting new local energy generation and storage technologies in three new garden communities comprising 43,000 houses.
  • Offshore access via Harwich International Port, a deepwater harbour with a proven track record in the offshore sector and with available operational space.
  • Investment in new forms of heat and power including ground source energy (via micro grid generation), anaerobic digestion and solar power.

The study will engage businesses and organisations across the county to identitfy key issues, challenges and opportunites in the sector.  Alongside this an energy sector database will be created and used to dissemniate industry updates, intellegence, market oppurtunites, consultations, training and networking oppurtunites. This work has been part funded by Essex County Council, Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council and other members of the NEEG consortium.

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