The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Job In Essex - Available Now!

"What's Your Thing?" Booklet guide copies.

A couple of months ago we release the 2018 edition of the 'Ultimate Guide to getting a new job in Essex'.

The ESB's careers booklet is for anyone seeking a new job in Essex. Whether it is for your first job, whether you are returning to work, or even if you are looking to break into a new sector, this guide has information that can help everyone!

Not only is this guide able to help you improve your chances at finding and successfully applying for a job, it also provides information on sectors such as IT, Finance, Construction and Logistics, with jobs that are available from senior roles to entry level positions! You may find a job that interests you that you would never have even thought of!

Perhaps you’d prefer to work for yourself? Well, this guide also contains information on how to set up your own business, and where to look for help, with plenty of links to websites and groups that can provide support to budding entrepreneurs

The guide contains plenty of information for starting a new career in Essex. From helping you with ensuring your CV is in tip-top condition, to helping you find courses to gain new skills or improving what you currently have, this guide will help you.