About The Essex Success Board

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The Success Essex board was formed by the collaboration of two boards; The Employment and Skills Board and Essex Business Board. Both boards worked to strengthen the Essex economy. This included developing an evidence base on employment and skills in each Essex district. The boards also delivered programmes to tackle skills shortages and facilitated funding for business developments. Success Essex is one of the federated boards for SELEP. 

SELEP is the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, LEPs were set up by government in 2011. LEPs identify and support local strategic growth priorities, encourage business investment and promote economic development. They work closely with the private sector to determine its own priorities. SELEP is the largest LEP in England apart from London, covering Essex, Southend on Sea, Thurrock, Kent, East Sussex and Medway

How is SELEP structured and where does Success Essex fit in?

Decisions in LEPs should be made at the practical level closet to the community and businesses affected. To achieve this a federated model is used to provide a clear structure. Decisions can be made at a local level on individual projects. There are four federated boards in the SELEP region and Success Essex is one of them. Further details on the federated boards responsibilities can be found here.

Success Essex

We want Essex to be the best place to work, learn, and live.

We are a volunteer body playing a formal role as the federated board of the South East Local Enterprise Partnership SELEP . We are business led, working in collaboration with our Higher and Further education partners, Essex County Council, and elected counsellors from across the region. We are a partnership keen on generating the best our county has to offer. Contact us 

We are a new board, but this is what we do:

  • Co-design Local Industrial Strategy 

  • Define discrete Missions that can make a real difference in Essex and use these to guide the local authority prosperity agenda and projects. 

  • Shape, encourage, and champion prosperity projects that apply for various grant funding to enhance the county. Successfully funded projects can be found here. These provide a good foundation for us to realise the potential of the county. We are looking for future projects that are targeted around business needs, growth and innovation, projects that are and shaped to the unique features of Essex and changes in the economy. 

  • Be the Voice of Business in Essex via SELEP and directly to stakeholders.

Read the boards Terms of Reference here